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Dress Code

RVMS General Student dress

(Dress Code)

At Rincon Valley Middle School we want all students to focus on academic success.  State law prohibits any form of attire that is obscene, offensive, dangerous or disruptive to the instructional program.  Proper attire is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent/guardian.  The General Student Dress guidelines help assure a safe, healthy and respectful learning environment for students, staff and parents. 

The RVMS General Student Dress is as follows:

  1. Sunglasses may not be worn inside buildings.
  2. Hats may only be worn outside the buildings.  It is common courtesy to remove hats when indoors.
  3. For security purposes hoods are not allowed to be worn inside or outside (unless weather permitted).  We must always be able to see the students face.
  4. Saggy, baggy, or oversized clothing is not allowed. 
  5. All skirts and dresses must be mid-thigh in length.     
  6. The inseam of all shorts must be a minimum of 3 inches.  Holes in pants must also be below the 3 inch inseam. 
  7. Leggings and yoga pants are allowed as long as they are not see-through (even when a student moves in a way that stretches the fabric).     
  8. Undergarments must not be visible (briefs, boxers, bras, bralettes or bras straps).  All briefs or boxers must be fully covered by the student’s pants, not a shirt, jacket, or sweatshirt.
  9. Bare midriffs are not allowed.  Shirts must reach top of pant when arms are at side.
  10. Meshed, ribbed, or see-through clothing (tops or bottoms) is not allowed.
  11. Backless dresses/tops, and tube tops are not allowed, unless also worn layered with another top. 
  12. Tank tops with large arm cut outs or low side openings are not allowed. 
  13. Tops must not show cleavage. 
  14. All footwear must have hard soles.  No bare feet please. 
  15. Clothing with racist, violent, or derogatory remarks toward any group or individual are not allowed.
  16. Jewelry that could be harmful or dangerous if misused (chains, spikes, large rings, etc.) are not allowed.
  17. Clothing, binders, backpacks, or other personal items may not have pictures or symbols that include, but are not limited to: Drugs, drug-related paraphernalia, gangs, alcohol, violence, obscene acts, suggestive words or activities, vulgar, sexual pictures, or other offensive visuals. 
  18. Gang related clothing, jewelry, hairstyles, makeup, graffiti, tattoos, or other items are not allowed.  For a more comprehensive list of gang related items, colors and contraband, please contact a school administrator.


1st Violation  =  Warning

2nd Violation  =  BEST Form

3rd Violation  =  Notice of Concern with a Detention.  Parent must pick up clothing item.

4th Violation  =  Monday School.  Parent must pick up clothing item.

Other guidelines may be added as school officials deem necessary after obtaining information from community agencies and/or other resources. There will be progressive disciplinary consequences for students who choose to violate the RVMS General Student Dress.  Students who violate the RVMS General Student Dress will be asked to wear their PE clothes for the remainder of the school day. 

The administration will determine the appropriateness of all clothing, and all decisions are final.