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Physical Education

Physical Education Department Philosophy & Standards

Our program philosophy is to aid each student in attaining the following goals:

  • Students will have the ability to perform successfully a variety of skills which he/she can use in active recreation both during the school years and in adult life.
  • Students will attain knowledge of rules and basic techniques in a variety of activities.
  • Students will learn to be an active participant or an appreciative spectator.
  • Students will learn self-control, self-expression, responsibility, ability to lead and follow, and attitudes of cooperation.
  • Students will increase knowledge of health related fitness and skill related fitness.
  • Students will increase personal levels of health related fitness and skill related fitness.

Students will obtain the greatest benefits from the Physical Education program when they participate regularly and with maximum effort.  

Class Materials:

  • Physical Education Uniform
  • Athletic shoes
  • Physical Education Binder - 1"-1.5", pencil pouch and pencils 

If you need assistance getting any of these materials please reach out to your teacher.

Our Teachers

Kara Myers, Physical Education Grades 7 & 8 - Department Chair -- 

Kirsten Bathe, Physical Education Grade 8--

Josh Heald, Physical Education Grade 8 --

Jay Meyer, Physical Education Grade 7 --

Chris Woodbury,  Physical Education Grade 7 -- 


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