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History Department Philosophy

We are surrounded by our history.  Our goal is to help students realize this concept.  As we explore the world around us and look at our nation’s history, we want history to come alive for students.  We wish to engage and support all students in learning.  We create a safe environment for our students and use different educational approaches to increase our teaching effectiveness.  Our students are encouraged to think, discuss, interact, reflect and evaluate their learning.  We hope to create critical thinkers who can clearly see the links between their everyday lives and the history around them.  Students should realize that history is not only relevant, but exciting too!


Our Teachers

Ian Myers, World History Grade 7 | US History Grade 8 - Department Chair -- 

Jenny Candelaria, World History Grade 7 | US History Grade 8 --

Ola King - Claye, World History Grade 7 | US History Grade 8 --

Cassie, Kubiak, US History Grade 8 --

Sara Stathatos, World History Grade 7 -- sstathatos@srcs.k12.

John Gilluly,  World History Grade 7 --